CALL the name Kayla . The four - year - old child had the gay and easy to get along with people around him air. However, who would have thought it turned out to be a gay child with blood cancer or leukemia.

Already in the last two years of the disease eating away his body. " Leukemia is a type of cancer most often infected children ," said pediatrician Cancer Hospital Dharmais Edi Setiawan Tehuteru .

Today , cancer is not just a nuisance for adults , children are already attacked by the disease. In Indonesia, there were 41 000 cases of childhood cancer per year. And it was noted that 10% of child deaths due to cancer and Indonesia come from families who can not afford.

In 2008, new cases of childhood cancer in the Cancer Hospital Dharmais
is leukemia (blood cancer ) of 16 cases , retinobtastoma ( eye cancer ) seven cases, and also seven cases of brain cancer.

The danger , cancer often have no symptoms , which means that if it is still at an early stage , many people who do not think family members suffering from cancer . In fact, the cancer that occurs in children can be cured excrement origin detected early or initial phase.

However, all childhood cancers can be prevented or detected early . Leukemia , for example , can not be avoided by giving breast milk (ASI ) exclusively . In more difficult to detect , causing leukemia in children is also difficult to date . Experts suspect that genetic factors , exposure to chemicals, food preservatives , and the virus triggers a child with leukemia .

Leukemia is very dangerous for the survival of the child. You see, in patients with leukemia, the white blood cells are abnormally increased and urged other blood cells. Instead of working as a bastion of the disease , white blood cells are not normally that would destroy other blood cells.

Disorders of blood cells , not only to cause cancer , but can also lead to other diseases such as thalassemia and hemophilia .

" A variety of blood disorders can cause anemia or lack of blood ,'' said specialists Hematology Children's Hospital Mangunkusumc Mangunkusumo ( RSCM ) , Amalia Pustika Wahidiyat .

In patients with thalassemia , red blood cells break easily so that the blood can not do its job properly . "Without treatment, patients with thalassemia can only live for a maximum of up to ten years ," said Pustika .

Clinically , thalassemia divided into three types, namely major , intermediate and minor. Patients with thalassemia major body may not form red blood cells and should get a life of blood transfusions. In general , the transfusion is one to two times per month.

Patients with thalassemia intermedia need a transfusion , but not as often as people with major . While patients with only minor strokes (stroke) and so we do not have serious clinical symptoms.

There was a blood disease called hemophilia hard frost . In patients with hemophilia , minor injuries are serious because of the blood clot and be difficult to pour terns. In addition to hard gel blood , hemophiliacs also often experience bleeding or bruising under the skin when doing heavy work.

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